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Leadership Warren County is a nine-month curriculum to bring caring, community-minded people together from across the County in an effort to form partnerships to improve the economic vitality and quality of life in Warren County. The program exists to foster a commitment to community trusteeship, and to aquaint participants with the County’s resources, assets, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The program is comprised of the following four components:

Retreats: scheduled to study and discuss overarching issues, to develop skills, and to bond, which is a very important feature of the program.

Executive skills development: an important feature if participants are to make an impact. Sessions will be offered on such topics as strategic planning, program development, grant writing, communications, leadership, cooperation and collaboration, community-building, visioning, etc.

Community Impact Projects: an important component of the program because they instill the message that this is all about impacting the County in a positive way. Participants will work in small groups to plan and perhaps implement a project that helps some sector of Warren County.

Community Awareness Sessions: involve introducing participants to the various resources and assets of Warren County—businesses, human service agencies, health care, the government sector, the banking industry, the justice system, the insurance industry, the education system, the utilities, the media, etc. The purpose of these sessions is to introduce participants to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, challenges, and issues facing various sectors.


We will meet, on the average, two times a month. You will receive a syllabus at the beginning of each month, detailing the agenda for each session. Please keep your schedule open for these sessions. This experience will only be as good as your participation and involvement. You will never have this kind of opportunity again. Fully invest yourself in it so that you get a lot out of it and so that everyone benefits from your involvement. We purposely limit the program to 12 to 15 participants because we want to build a community of teachers and learners. We are all experienced, we all have knowledge and insights to share with each other, and we can all contribute to the learning process, but we need to be present to do that. We ask that you please do your part to be fully engaged in your project.

If you are interested in being part of the next class, download an application for the program!